International workshop Tokyo, 14-19 March 2011

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aast, Advanced Architecture Settimo Tokyo, is a series of events ideated by CASARTARC, an architectural association in Italy, (with Andrea Graziano and Davide Del Giudice) to link the host cities of the UIA InternationalCongress of Architecture in 2008 and 2011: Turin and Tokyo.As the joint event of ALGODE TOKYO 2011 ( the international symposium on Algorithmic design held byAIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan), Casartarc is offering the aastinternational student workshop in Tokyo on the theme:Generative Space for Tokyo: innovative use of wood with algorithmic design.


The aast workshop aims at offering a unique, hands-on experiencefor architectural students to research and experiment in the field ofGenerative Architectural Technology and Computational Design applied toDigital Fabrication.Participants will be able to explore new concepts for architecture andurban space by setting up adaptable design processes and seamlesslyconnect them to the real construction of a 1:1 scale prototype for a temporary space in Tokyo. Computational design techniques and realfabrication processes will be approached and explored at the same timethrough the use of the most traditional of the building materials in Japaneseculture: wood. In traditional construction, the Japanese carpentersemployed their knowledge (passed on from generation to generation) to usewood as a construction material, solving joint problems in a way to createlong lasting structures.Now algorithmic programs can help the designer to explore several designprocesses at once, to generate new environments and to create adaptivesolutions for a particular spatial concept.Digital fabrication processes, such as CNC cutting can deal with extremelycomplicated but algorithmically controlled work, making it possible to usethis sustainable and natural material in innovative ways. By joining smaller,machine-cut pieces, according to an assembly rule to generate a whole it isthus possible to innovate along the Japanese tradition of creating patternsas a space-defining interface. Tradition and innovation, digital design andreal fabrication will be the topics of this workshop, with the aim to advancetheoretical research as well as potential practical applications of algorithmicdesign in architecture and urban design.

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